Teamwork is the assignment of work to groups of employees with various skills who interact to assemble a product or provide a service.  Work teams often assume many activities traditionally reserved for managers such as selecting new team members, scheduling work, and coordinating work with customers and other units of the organization.

In today’s environment of global economy,competition and changing technology organization must look the things in a more different way. Customer habit and demands changing day by day, to meet up the demand individuals working in organization can not develop products and services to match the expectations.

Teamwork is highly essential in organization to combine the diverse set of skills to bring new innovation with high quality in the market on the right time. Teamwork reduce the efforts,time period and cost as compared to individual work. Proper teamwork need high coordination within and outside the organization to share knowledge and skills.

Now a days technology is driving teamwork, employees can coordinate working at different place through extranet,Internet,video conferencing and virtual private networks. Important information can be shared with ease and security among the employees and other stakeholders.

Project management is all about teamwork, one have to become team leader to unite the team,assign the work and to explore the skills set of individuals.


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