Upward Feedback

Are you employed? Do you feel that there is communication gap between you and your subordinates? Do you think that they don’t really like you much? You are very bossy? Do you want your subordinates to just follow the instructions given to them? Do you dislike being criticized? You rarely listen to juniors opinion but do what you think is right? If the answer to all above asked questions is “YES” than unfortunately there is a lack of “Upward Feedback” at your workplace and a matter of great concern for you and your company.

Now the question which must arise in your mind is that what is this upward feedback? The answer to this question is not very difficult. Upward feedback is defined as a mechanism in which the lower level employees have a freedom to express their feelings and share their opinions with their bosses and upper level management.
For any organization, the work culture is very important. It is indeed the work which is responsible for generating profits and exalting company’s image and reputation(employer branding).I feel no need to debate on importance of work  as it is very obvious and clear truly believe that the concept of Upward  Feedback Mechanism has a great deal to do with the work culture. In my opinion it is very helpful and beneficial for the organization, the suggestions and feedback by the subordinates can really make a difference and you never know that may be they could give such suggestions that might bring a huge positive change so they should never be let down and must be given a chance to speak up that is very vital for the growth of company.

There are a lot of advantages of upward feedback. By this not only the morale of the subordinates increases but also the upper management becomes aware of the viewpoints of their employees. This can be a strong source of creating harmony and mutual understanding regarding the actions taken.


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