Six (6) Rewards of Job Rotation

Some of the advantages of job rotation can be as follows:

1-Gaining Experience

One of the advantages of job rotation is that the employees get a chance to gain experience in areas not relevant to their existing job. By this they learn how to perform other operations as well. Their skills increases and their market value also increases.

2-Employees Get Exposure

Employees are exposed to different kind of jobs which increases their contacts with different people. By job rotation employees get exposed to different working conditions which bring the factor of adaptability in them and increases flexibility in their personality.

3-Job Satisfaction Increases

By doing different type of work, employees get a feeling of satisfaction that they the organization considers them worthy for different sort of operations and tasks. The level of job satisfaction gets a boost due to job rotation.

4-Cost Effective

It’s a cost effective measure for an organization as it does not require hiring personnel instead it can use the human talent by job postings and can also fill in the vacant spaces with the help of the employees working within the organization. This cutoff the cost of recruitment and selection.

5-Understanding of Work Culture Increases

When the employees get a chance to work on different positions they become able to understand the working environment and the culture more easily that makes them more comfortable and they also develop a know how of the operations being carried out in the organization.

6-Evicting Boredom Caused by Repetition of Work

Job rotation is also considered as a solution to the boredom caused by doing same sort of work every day. I believe that its the human nature  that require some change in life otherwise one gets frustrated and depress resulting in a low morale to work and definitely it results in effecting the performance of the employees. For that reason it is necessary in my opinion that employees must get change in work life and get an opportunity to work on other positions so that they feel good and work efficiently which will not only benefit the organization’s health but also the health of the employee.


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