What is Mentoring?


Mentoring is a term heavily used in the world we are living in, it is precisely defined as a process in which one by sharing his knowledge,skills,strategies,life experiences, hardships etc helps the other person to gain momentum and success in his life.

Who Is A Mentor?

The one who imparts and educates the other person is called a mentor. He is somewhat like a teacher who is there to support and provide guidance regarding the ups and downs of life and helping in achieving goals and providing solutions to problems.

Who Is A Mentee?

Mentee is a person who learns from the education imparted to him by his mentor and seeks help from him. It’s not necessary that a mentee will always remain under the same label but yes a mentee can become a mentor. Under varying situations he can prove to be a good mentor for any one else.

Does Mentoring Only Benefit The Mentee?

There might be a misconception in the mind of the people that the process of mentoring just gives benefit to one party i.e. the mentee but in real its not like that this process not only benefits the mentee but as well as the mentor itself. The contact between both the parties also help the mentor learn and gain experience, it also increases his exposure and makes him more trained and expert.

Should Every One Have A Mentor?

A question now arises in the mind that should every one have a mentor?

The answer is that its not compulsory for every individual to have a mentor in his life, one can also survive without him but if you want to become successful, want the best in life, want a balanced and contended life, want to avoid unwanted errors then the answer would be YES!!One should surely go through the process of mentoring and have a mentor!


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