What is Coaching?


The word coaching can be defined as a two way process between parties namely a coach and a coachee. Coach is the one who is responsible for guiding and helping the coachee to move away from undesired circumstances or achieve something pleasing in future where as a coachee is the one who wants to learn how to solve his problem or achieve his goal.coach-coachee relation is somewhat like a relation of a teacher and a student where one imparts ways and tactics to tackle situations and the other values and tries learn them.

Coaching is an ongoing learning process molding and shaping the behavior of individuals to achieve desired outcomes. No one can claim to be perfect. It will be a state of overconfidence to say that by going through the process of coaching I know everything and so don’t require any further help.

Importance of Coaching In Human Resource Management

The importance of coaching in the field of human resource cannot be denied. The former is one of the important areas in hr. As it’s well known and understood that hr is meant for utilizing the human talent in the best way for that it is necessary that the employees must be taught how to bring the best out of themselves and prove to be successful in varying situations. This concept enables the employees to enhance their skills and raise productivity this not only results in grooming of the employees but also results in improving the work environment and obviously mounting the profit margins of the company.

Means Available For Coaching In An Organization:

Coaching can be conducted through the following means:

1-one to one where both parties are physically present

2-via telephone

3-electronic mails

4-online chat

5-video conferencing


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