Quality of Work Life – QWL

The concept of Quality of work life in Human resource management relates to the employee’s favorableness and unfavourableness of the work environment in the organization. The human resource is considered as an asset to the organization rather than a cost. It represents how people perform better when they are valued and are allowed to participate in managing the work and making decisions.

The basic intention behind the QWL is to ensure job security, job enrichment, reward and recognition, career growth plans, flexible work timings, increased employee participation and open communication amongst the workforce.

This concept has different meanings to different people. To some people, it refers to the degree where the employee of an organization is able to meet his/her personnel needs through their work experience and environment. While it is also perceived as the process through which the employees, stockholders and unions in the organization work together to form better performance and to determine different ways for themselves what improvement and changes are desirable and workable to ensure an improved quality of work life .

The historical background of the Quality of Work Life was previously concerned about the issues of wages, the working hours, and the working conditions in the organization. However, this concept got evolved over time by including factors like the amount of work involvement, the level of satisfaction in the working environment, their competencies being acknowledged and the feeling of accomplishment from the job. Therefore, the basic aim is to create jobs for the sake of Human Resource Development and production development at the same time.

The core concept of Quality of Work Life explains the value of treating the employees as human beings and focusing on the required changes in the physical and psychological working environment. Moreover, it also holds a viewpoint of management that shows a co-operative relationship between the employees and managers. It strongly believes that every employee has the ability to do task, the right to use intelligence and useful inputs in the decision making process at all levels of the organization. This is how it brings benefit to the employee individually and to the organization through personal development and increasing quality of work respectively.

There are several approaches assigned to achieve the Quality of Work life namely, the job design, the worker’s participation, employee’s welfare and quality circles. The QWL tries to fulfill not only the economic needs of the employee but also their social and psychological needs.

In order to ensure The Quality of Work life in the organization, the organization has to satisfy the workforce by concentrating on the job designs and organization of work. In today’s world, the human resource has realized the important role of relationships and how to strike a balance between career and personal lives. The organizations have to come up with different innovative ideas in order to improve the quality of work and quality of work life of every person in the organization. Organizations observed the concept of QWL programs which is seen in the form of productivity and an efficient committed workforce which always aim to achieve organizational objectives. 

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