Human Resource Development – HRD

The Human Resource Development is an essential element of the human resource management which deals with the training and development of the employees in the organization. The process starts when the person is hired and the company provides that employee with an opportunity to learn new skills, allocating the resources that are of assistance to the employee’s tasks and all other similar developmental activities.

In any organization, the development of human resource is an integral part for the dynamic and growth- oriented employees. The human resource is that one resource that has been blessed with great potential capabilities. This potential could only be recognized in a place where it allows nurturing and using the capabilities of the people.
The Human Resource Development is the structure that helps the employees developing personal skills, knowledge and expertise .It creates opportunities as employee training and development, career development, coaching, mentoring and succession planning. The emphasis is given on the most advanced workforce so that the organization and the employees can accomplish their goals in delivering their services to the customers and the organization. It basically sharpens the capabilities that are required to perform the various organizational functions in their present and expected future roles.

The need for Human Resource Development is important to those organizations that are dynamic and prosper only through the competencies and skills of the employees. These competencies and skills should be constantly acquired and sharpened and this could only be possible by establishing an organizational culture.
The concept of Human Resource Development does not just encompass the development of the individuals but also other organizational units such as increasing collaboration amongst the people in the organization, thus including the entire department and the organization in the development process. Their roles would aim to develop an atmosphere which is conducive to their organization’s success.

Human Resource Development Process

Following are the features of the Human Resource Development process such as:

• An employee of the organization is considered as an asset or human resource which is valuable to them.

• It enhances the general capabilities in relation to their existing and future job roles.

• It promotes the team spirit amongst the employees.

• It creates an organizational culture where the relation between employee-subordinate is strong, the employees are motivated and feel a sense of belonging.

• It is a constant life-long process which never ends.

• It tries to make people more committed to the organizational goals.

• Adapting towards change can be made with the help of HRD.

• Collects useful data on employee programs and policies.

The whole process of HRD can be formal by providing training to the employees in classrooms, an organizational planned changed effort or can be informal where the manager serves the role of employee coaching. Hence, it must be concluded as the concept of Human Resource Development that is important to all the organizations. Its importance should be recognized and given a place of prominence to face the present and future challenges of the organization.

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