Career Development

Career Development is a major aspect of Human Resource Development through which an individual identifies its work identity. This process begins when a person becomes aware of the way people make a living for themselves to the point where he/she start exploring new job opportunities and decides what career to go after, gets prepared for it ,applied and further advances in it. However, this may include changing different careers and jobs.

The most important feature of Career development plan is that it comes naturally when one matures but with great intrusion, one can forge a happier and long lasting successful career. This process can only be fruitful with the help of right career guidance, education and all other means to manage the career development process well.
The career development is a well organized planning method that balances the needs of the businesses with the career goals of employees. Formulating a career development plan enforce the employees to manage their work efficiently. Additionally it also help those employees who might want to move ahead in a company or look for other job options in the future.

In the competitive business environment, there are two groups who direct the process of career development i.e. the upper management and Human Resource Personnel. For instance, the manager has the responsibility to make sure the needs of the business are aligned with the employee’s career goals in order to create a well- balanced work environment. They will evaluate the skills, knowledge and education of the employees to put them in the best position in the organization.

The Human Resource Personnel also has the responsibility to initiate different career development programs for the employees. From an employee’s perspective, the professional networking is very important which can help the employees to get tools to start the networking process from the HR department.

The employees while working with the supervisors also evaluate what kind of training, professional development and other continued education options are open to them. Often times, employees who are not part of an organization also work on a set of guidelines to pursue a career in a desired company. This actually involve  self –assessment by the person who considers all options where he/she has a good potential and has experience in it too.

The career development is directly connected to the goals and objectives set by an individual. It usually begins with the self-actualization and self assessment of one’s abilities and interests. The interests are further measured up to the available options. The individual needs to assess where he/she requires any training to enhance the skills for the career path chosen by him/her. Eventually, when the individual attains the desired proficiency he/she has to perform to achieve the targeted goal. The process of Career Development is related to the growth and satisfaction of an individual and therefore should not be managed by the employer alone.

The most important purpose of career development is that it provides those tools and techniques that enable employees to enrich their potential for success in their career and results in low employee turnover and employees can view their job and employers positively.

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