Best Time Management Tips that Works

The purpose of innovations to facilitate human beings however, it depends on us how we are utilizing these innovations.  If we look around, we will found lots of people who are not getting benefits from these brilliant services and products that have been introduced in the consumer market.

Internet is one of the best innovations in new era however trends are evident that it has been used for destructive activities. The reason for giving the background on new innovations and its utilization to give you an idea regarding the increasing number of activities that becomes part of our daily routine. In order to agree with my point of view, just check the usage trends of Google and Facebook.

To summarize, we should understand the importance of time and shouldn’t underestimate its value. If you agree with me then you might be interested to know the top time management tips that will work for you.

1.Create a schedule for your personal & professional commitments. The schedule is different than TODO list as it contains the date & time for each activity.

2.Always keep schedule with yourself and note down the activities, thoughts and conversation for a period of week. This exercise will help you to estimate the time duration spent to generate productive results and also determine the time duration spent on unproductive activities actions, thoughts, activities and conversation.

3.Find out the ways to avoid or reduce the impact of time waster activities and events. This will allows you to allocate time for productive work.

4.Better planning can produce tremendous result therefore at least 50 percent time should be assigned to the activities, conversation, events and thoughts that produce productive results.

5.Prioritize your daily activities into very using the time management grid.

6.It won’t be possible to keep working throughout the office hours. Thus, time of interruption need to be planned.

7.Planning always comes first followed by its execution. It would be wise to plan your day at the start of every day. On rough, scheduling a day will hardly takes 15 to 30 approx.

8.Focus on a single task at a time to get it done in timely manner.  The key to remain focus to stop checking emails, SMS, Facebook notifications and answering every phone calls.

9.Learn to say “NO” for the additional work that you can’t handle within the available time.

10.If you are working on most important & urgent activities then it won’t be a bad idea to place “Don’t Disturb” sign on a highly visible position.

11.As 80-20 rule says, 20 percent of focused time on important activities can produce 80 percent productive results.

12.It’s not possible for you to complete daily tasks as per the schedule. At the end of the day, there are left over activities that need to be adjusted in the weekly schedule.

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