Methods of Measuring Business Performance

Organization measure its performance to check its current standing with reference to objectives, industry, products, competitors, financials, market share, reputation, customer base. Measuring business performance is a need to remain competitive in the market and to make sure your business strategies are viable enough for sustaining and future growth.

The importance of measuring business is vivid, so now we can move forward with the ways or methods of measuring business performance.

Measure Business Performance against the Objectives

Compare the actual performance results with the targets of business plan. If the actual performance data indicates positive trends or results then probability of achieving objectives is higher on the contrary negative trends or results will increase the risk and there is a high chance that objectives couldn’t be achieved.

Review Financial Targets

Keep an eye on your sales & services and find out the revenues of your business is getting from it. If the sales are low then your organization might change the pricing strategy to bring down the prices to improve the sales.

Perform SWOT analysis for Your Business

This is a useful tool to conduct internal and external audit for your business.  After performing SWOT, your business would be able to capitalize on internal strengths and overcome the weaknesses. On the other side it would be able to exploit the opportunities minimize the impact of threats.

Measure the Performance for Business Resources

Business performance could be measured by performance of intangible, equipment and human resources. Better performance of resources will reduce the operating expenses of your business whereas underperforming resources increase the operating costing of your business thus, results in low profits or loss.

Benchmark Your Business

Benchmarking is the process to compare your organization against the direct competitors in terms of reputation, market share, financial, products, services, resources.

Customer Satisfaction for your Business Product and Services

Interview your customer or ask them to fill the survey form to find out their satisfaction level for the services and products of your business.  The results generated from interviews and surveys will highlight the strong and weak areas of your business.

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