Manager Reporting Responsibilities to Internal Stakeholders

Manager is responsible for bridging the gap between the stakeholders. The internal stakeholders of your Organization will always ask the Manager for the desired information for making and taking of business decisions.

Since, Manager is the person, who is getting the information from different sources and providing the information to internal stakeholders therefore, he or she must assure that the information to be incorporated in reports should be validated by authentic sources and accuracy.

Manager should keep in mind that internal stakeholders might misinterpret the information.  A responsible manager will invite all the relevant stakeholders in a meeting to give them understanding on the provided reports to bring everyone on the same page.

Internal stakeholders might have some queries or need further clarification regarding the reports. Its manager responsibility to provide the platform or communication channels where internal stakeholders can raise queries and get the earliest feedback on it.
The decision maker in the Organization may seek project manager input in decision making, because he or she has the detailed understanding of the information provided to management.

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