Process of Preparing and Organizing Business Message

The objectives of Business writing are to transfer or communicate ideas and facts. In order to accomplish these objectives, every message should have the following component that completes it.

1. What

2. Who

3. When

4. Where

5. How

6. Why (Optional)

If the sender of the message has the aforementioned elements in his or her mind while creating a message then it will be easy to complete the message. As these elements give the direction and approach to sender’s message to whom he or she is addressed. If sender is unaware of what he or she is exactly writing about? Who is going to read it? And why are you writing it? Then it is not possible to reach to the exact central idea.  Furthermore, it will also be useful for the sender to cross check the message with these elements to ensure the conveyance of the central Idea.

With reference to Steven Beebe and Susan Beebe , the following factors must be included in every kind of message to ensure intended audience understands the complete message without any ambiguity.

1. Be  a declarative Statement

2. Using specific Language and be Precise, to the point.

3. Single approach or idea.

4. Reflecting the Consideration of the Audience.

5. Be a complete Sentence.  

Taking into account all these factors and being clear in your introduction will influence your audience of whatever you are trying to make them understand. Such clarity in your message also lets the readers remember the central idea of your message.

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