Types of marketing research

Marketing research is conducting to know the customers opinion, it can be done pre-production, post-production or re – launch of the product. Marketing research varies from scale to large scale depends upon the company willingness to gather in-depth information.  Marketing research is mainly categories into two types.
– Quantitative Research
– Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research
This type of research mainly deal in numbers, number of tools are used to gather information from audience such as surveys, different type of media, stores audit and etc. Quantitative research is commonly used and getting popularity day by day because of variety of tools are available in the market. This approach is less expensive and takes less time as compared to Qualitative research, that the reason more companies opting this method as marketing research method.

Qualitative Research
This method is more than dealing in numbers, requires more expertise to perform this type of marketing research. Types of qualitative research include focus groups and observational studies. Focus groups gather a small number of respondents together to discuss topics yielded by the research questions. A moderator leads the discussion and helps keep discussion lively and focused around the research questions.

Hybrid Research
Organization can use both research types in their marketing research to get more accurate

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I think that the secret of success in the online marketing research varies. Determined on the nature of your own websites, the best approach might differed from some other kinds of individual blogs.
In order to lead your own online marketing research into success, it’s necessary to check the marketing research approaches of different kinds of websites and try to follow the pattern of the websites with similar nature to yours.

Well-planned public marketing research could lead to great business success. However, many businesses don’t know what they did are right approaches and what are not.
For people who are not specialists in the business, it might be more cost-effective to get some help from professional consultant.

It is very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
I’m new to the blogging business and looking forwards to learning how to conduct marketing research on different social media like Twitter.
What you’ve offered in your post is very helpful. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts.
Keep working.

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