Tweleve Benefits of Marketing

In our role as customers and consumers we know that the best form of marketing is done by word of mouth.  Your customers and clients can support your CDC to improve the quality of services offered and increase the demand for those services if you meet (and exceed) their expectations with not only the service that you offer but also the quality of customer service that you provide. 

Marketing strategies and objectives that are strategically positioned in your immediate and neighboring communities can support your CDC to:

1. Keep your mission and message in front of your current customers, prospective new ones and your competitors.
2. Integrate your organization’s vision with those of the community when your CDC is perceived as an involved agent of change.
3. Expand your leadership role as a stakeholder in the community.
4. Demonstrate your interest and desire to be involved in community needs.
5. Open doors to form alliances, increase existing partnerships and nurture champions for your causes.
6. Coordinate various creative, cost-effective approaches to share your success stories with your community in your own voice.
7. Attract short- and long-term resources to include employees, volunteers, funders, and prospective board members to your CDC.
8. Build community goodwill with small businesses and other non-profit organizations that serve the neighborhoods and communities.
9. Evaluate and improve the quality of the services offered and demand for those services.
10. Allocate information to develop and implement an Opportunity Assessment Plan, which provides the basis for assessing information gained from your marketing to help you decide whether or not to take advantage of new, need-based opportunities.
11. Increase opportunities to generate unrestricted income for your CDC.
12. Generate pride in boost morale among staff within your organization.

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