•    AT & T is one of the oldest telecommunication service providers.

•    It posses 149 billion dollars assets with the employees base of more than 1 million.

•    AT & T brand is well known in the corporate world.

•    Diversity in different the different communication sectors such as wireless, data, TV and landline.

•    It is the largest communications corporate across the globe based on revenue.

•    It gain 11 percent increase in earning per share according to the year 2008 income statement.

•    AT&T is the biggest wireless carrier with 74.9 million customers

•    Their customer base has increased almost 10 percent above the 70 million customer subscribers in 2007.

•    AT & T wireless 3G networks is the fastest in the nation, allowing customers to communicate in more than 7

continents, 200 countries and 120 major cruise ships.

•    Largest broadband service provide in US.

•    Largest landline communication network in the US with 57 millions lines in service.

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