Who are Strategists?

Strategists are the individuals within an organization responsible for making strategies to achieve the long term objectives which are obviously align with the mission and vision of an organization.

Strategists are responsible for the success or failure an organization; formulation, implementation and evaluation of great strategies will result in an organization success on the other hand bad decision making in any stage of strategic management will lead towards failure.

Strategists are normally designated on higher management position such as chief executive officer, chief technology officer, chief marketing officer, president, board director, and entrepreneur. Strategists gather information of internal and external environment of an organization and make the strategies by taking factors into consideration.

A strategist belongs from different school of thoughts, so they may not consider some type of strategies. Every strategist has its own way to formulate, implement and evaluate strategies. The common factors which differs one strategist from another are their values, attitude, culture, ability to take risks, concern of social responsibility and profitability, passion, self esteem and management style.


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