Creating a New User on Windows Server 2003


In the tutorial we show how to create a secondary administrator account how can have same administrator rights like; terminal services and all command which need to have administrator rights.

Step by Step

Step 1

Click on Start button -> then click on Run


Step 2

Then type lusrmgr.msc and click OK.


Step 3

In Local Users and Groups window, right click in the right panel side and then click on “New User” option.


Step 4

In New User dialog box, give details like; User name, Full name, Description and Password. Type user name for a new user and assign password.  Uncheck User must change password, and check Password never expires in checkbox and then click on Create.


Step 5

After creating the new user, user show in right penal. Now, right click on the new user and click on Properties in the pop up menu


Step 6

In new user properties click on “Member of” tab and then press the Add button


Step 7

In next popup select group, for administrator rights Type Administrators, then click on the Check Names button and click on OK after that click OK on the Local Users and Groups dialog box.


Now we have secondary Administrator account for disaster or backup.

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