Finding your New Hard Disk in Windows


In this tutorial I’ll explain how to find your new hard disk, USB, CD ROM or any new hard drive, which are not show in your My Computer window.

Step by Step

Step 1

Click on Start button and then click Run.


Step 2

Type compmgmt.msc, in open input box.


Step 3

In Storage there is Disk Management click on it and then wait because Logical Disk Manager service load system disks information.


Step 4

When Disk Management details load in right penal, from there you can see your unassigned partition.


Step 5

Right click on unassigned drive partition and then click “Change Drive Letters and Paths”


Step 6

In Change Drive Letter and Paths for Disk 1 dialog box, you can see there is empty list box. So click on Add button


Step 7

From Add Drive Letter or Path you can Assign drive letter to your new drive, I assigned F:


Now you open My computer you will see to your new drive in that.

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