At Sooper Tutorials, we are passionate about writing, we are passionate about technology and thus we are making sure to bring forth a quality that is a combination of both and that will set standards. For that we need you to make us better. Let us know what’s better in your eyes and share your tutorials & articles with us. If you can write superbly and can cater to the audience that ask for recent and timely information and expect practical information then write to us. We would love to hear from you.

What’s in it for you? Here is why you should submit your tutorials or articles to us:

Free Marketing

The author box given to you is a tool to promote your website and your local brand. Since it’s a free article web-base directory, we do not pay you to write for us. Those who will read your articles will want to know more about you and thus you’ll gain unlimited visitors to your web page. In fact, with proper value added articles, you can gain recognition without actually to support personal web page. Gain global audience.

Boost Your Credibility

Like I said, free marketing will make you familiar to your readers and familiarity breeds trust and credibility. It’s an excellent way to get started, reach to the un-reachable and develop a trust cycle.

Massive Exposure

Sooper Tutorials has thousand of readers and combines that with power of RSS feeder, your brand or your opinion will reach across millions. Convert your readers into fans and explore the opportunities coming your way because massive exposure means massive amount of opportunities coming your way.

Becoming a part of Sooper Community

We strive to bring quality and we want you to be part of our Sooper team. By joining us, you’ll not only be just contributing but we’ll make sure that you’ll gain from us as well. Our members are supportive and diverse and we’ll make sure that it will be easier for you to interact with your readers and fellow writers without compromising your privacy. Being a part of Sooper Community will give you the authority to re-publish your article two months after the publication on Sooper Tutorials.

Have an Access to Reader’s Feedback

Know instantly what readers actually want from you. Gain the valuable feedback so that you’ll grow and improve along the way. It will let you interact with readers and gain point of views that will help you in becoming a better writer.

So you can see why you should submit to us but before submitting to us please make sure that it’s a fresh piece and follow our following requirements:

  • Great skills when it comes to English language (ambiguous writing is best known killer to readership static’s)
  • It must be original and if it contains quoted passage then give a full reference.
  • Avoid repetition of content.
  • Give us the authority to edit where necessary (we won’t change your article, just make sure it’s grammatically correct and contain no words that can hurt anyone)
  • Include appropriate links where it is necessary.
  • Your article is helpful, insightful and interactive.

Contact us for further details; we would love to help you.


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