Wal-mart retaining No.1 position in 2009

Rank: 1 (Previous rank: 1)
CEO: H. Lee Scott Jr.
Employees: 2,055,000
Address: 702 S.W. Eighth St.
Bentonville, Arkansas  72716
Country: U.S.

Wal-Mart last year number one company retaining its position on top, retail giant providing friendly enviroment to employees. The company expanded his health plan from employee to 94% as compared to the last year 90%.

Wal-Mart keeps the employees happy on the other hand employees take care of the customers. Wal-Mart is on the front foot giving deadly competition to their opponents.

Still far from pleasing all its critics, Wal-Mart did please its shoppers: Its renewed focus on lower prices delivered a stellar second half, bolstering total revenue for the year to $379 billion

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