Applying Tattoo to Your Image in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial I will teach you, How to apply any tattoo to your image in Photoshop, just follow the step carefully and I know you can make it easily.

1. Open Photoshop (In XP: Start>>Programs >> Adobe Photoshop CSx)

2. Remember 1st open the tattoo image, Now Open the following image by File>>Open (and locate the images) Or directly drag the picture to Photoshop.

3. REMEMBER to leave the background layer empty (Important), Insert new layer by ( Layer>> New>> layer) Or you can follow up the shortcut (shift+ctrl+N) Or just see below the “background layer” at bottom second last option.

4. Now cut the picture by Selecting ALL (ctrl+A) and Cut (Ctrl+X) and when new layer is inserted just Paste the cut image by (Ctrl+v).




5. Use “Magic Wand Tool” from Tools and select the white area and press delete to delete the white. So this will help you to easily copy and paste the tatto to the considered image. ( Use eraser to erase the line if you are using the same tattoo image).




6. Now select the whole tattoo by pressing (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) to the “Tattoo applying image”



7. Before pasting the tattoo remember to paste it to a New layer.


8. Now just Re-size the tattoo image by using Free Transform (Ctrl+T) or can go to Edit>>Free Transform.


9. Now as to requirement use the corners of free transformer to make tattoo rotate. Remember you can click drag the tattoo. Do remember to place it on right place so it should looks real Area.


10. Now unselect all, or can press enter

11. Now Look at the right side there will be a layers column on that, just decrease the opacity to 65% as in Example Image.


12. Now finally our image should looks like as in Example Picture


13. Finally merge all layers except the background by holding (Ctrl, and click all working layers, When selected just right click and select merge layers. And save it to disk (File>>Save As) and name it. And save it on the JPEG or BMP format. (For final looks)


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