How to Change Background of an Image in Photoshop

I hope you are enjoying the series of Adobe Photoshop interactive tutorials. In this tutorial I will show “ How to change the background of Image?”. Go through each step and snapshots for following the steps to make yourself master to learn this technique.

1. Open Photoshop (In XP: Start>>Programs >> Adobe Photoshop CSx)

2. Now open the your considered picture by Tool Bar>>File>>Open (now select the picture you want to edit and open it).

3. “REMEBER to leave the background layer empty (Important)”

4. Now cut the picture by Selecting ALL (Ctrl+A) and Cut (Ctrl+X)

5. After it insert new layer by ( Layer>> New>> layer) Or you can follow up the shortcut (shift+ctrl+N) Or just see below the “background layer” at bottom (Second last option).

6. When new layer is inserted just Paste the cut image by (Ctrl+v)


7. Now you are ready to work on the picture.

8. To start the work and apply any wallpaper first insert the new layer, and THERE open an another picture you want to make that one as a background.


9. Make sure to drag that image’s Layer under the “layer 1” and rename as you wish.


10. Select the image’s layer (where you or the model is standing).

11. Now use the Magnetic Lasso Tool and select the blank part of the images as seen in example picture and delete it.



12. Good now you are almost done, Finally merge all layers except the background layer by holding (Ctrl, and click all working layers, When selected just right click and select merge layers.

13. Now your all working layers are merged to layer 1. Use blur tool from Tools and Blur out the edges to make it (Image) look proper and real.


14. To give a final look just save it to disk (File>>Save As) and name it and save it on the JPEG or BMP format.


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