How to Change Password in Linux

The passwd command is used to change the password in Linux and there are number of other ways to change the password but to make it easier I just mentioned one of the easiest one.Below are the set of commands to change the password in Linux

passwd Change your own password.

Enter Current Password

Enter New Password

When you enter passwd command it will prompt you to enter current password and a new password. Make sure to change your password you need to enter the correct current password and then enter new password of six digit which is the minimum requirement of Linux because too short password can be easily judged it is recommended to keep long password’s.

passwd sooper Change sooper’s password

This command will change the password of sooper  linux user, but in this case you will also need to enter the current password of sooper  user and provide new password with at least six digits.

passwd -d sooper Delete sooper’s password

Deletes the sooper user password which means the password will be no longer valid for the user.

passwd -k sooper Only updates expired password

If the password of sooper user is expired then the above command is used to update the expire password.

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