Restrict Formatting Changes in MS Word 2007

There are different level of security for the security of documents, sometimes document creator want to completely lock the document so no one can read the contents on the other hand in some situation people can read the document but can’t able to apply any formatting and styles.

In this tutorials I will teach you how to restrict the formatting changes in Microsoft Word 2007 document. This tutorials will use the step by step approach and screen shots to make things simpler for you.

Open the MS Word 2007

In MS Word 2007 you need to select the Review Tab as shown in the figure.


Check the Option “Limit formatting to a selection of style”


After that Click on Setting link below “Limit formatting to a selection of style”


Then Check the option “Limit formatting to a selection of styles”


Select/deselect the check boxes next to the styles.


Click Recommended minimum tab to allow the minimum amount of restriction on document


The conformation message will appear in dialog Click Yes, and start enforcing the restriction on document.

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