Router Components (Hardware and Software)

Basic Routing Concept

A device which communicate two networks either they are based on different protocols is called “Router”.

Basic function of router is to define a logical path for data packet because it works on network layer. It is specialty of router that it doesn’t forward the second layer broadcast packets.

Router components

1) ROM (Read only memory)

2) RAM (Random Access Memory)

3) Flash

4) Processor

5)NVRAM (Non volatile Random Access Memory)

6)IOS (Internet work Operating System)

Boot To Processing



In initial stage router boot by ROM then check the IOS which present in Flash memory secondly this IOS is loaded by RAM to start processing by processor.

Interfaces Of Routers


There are following interfaces of router.

1) Serial Ports.

2) Ethernet AUI (Attachment unit interface)

3) AUX (Auxiliary or modem port)

4) Console



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