Changing the Menu Style in Windows XP


What is menu?

Menu presents the list of programs which are most frequently in use. Windows XP give the flexibility to the user to change the menu style.
Windows XP has two types of menu option.
•    XP Style Menu – the new style menu take birth with XP it’s the added on feature of XP list the programs in a better manner for the user ease but still some user are not feel relax to use it, for that XP provide windows classic menu support.
•     Windows Classic menu – it’s the legacy menu, same like in windows 98 and 2000 those who are not comfortable with using windows XP can change the menu to windows classic.
This Tutorial Explain the way to change the menu style from XP style menu to windows classic menu or vice versa.

The image shown below is the windows XP style menu.

Click Start > click start button


It’s very easy to change the menu to windows Classic style.

Right click on Task Bar > Select properties > Right Click


You will see the task bar and start menu dialog box on the screen as shown below.


There are two tabs on top of dialog box to change menu follow the steps.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties > Click on Start Menu Tab


The new screen appear in the dialog contain two option box user can select one at a time, currently window XP style menu is selected to change the style follow the steps.

Click on Classic Start menu > Click Apply button > Click Ok

The dialog looks like below snap shot after selection of classic start menu option.


Now the process is complete to see the impact of the procedure follow the steps:
Click Start

To change the menu style for classic to windows XP steps are same just instead of selection classic start menu option select start menu you will see the windows XP style menu.


When you click the apply button the menu will be changed, impact can be seen by clicking the start menu button.

These ends the tutorial hopes now it easy to get the work done do provide your comment on this tutorial and place your request.

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