There are two type of container in HTML empty elements and containers. Empty elements are used for page formatting, it not contain ending tag and so does not enclose any text.It starts with left angle bracket or less than sign (<) followed immediately by tag identifier or name. Next come the any attributes, modifies the way tag works. The tag end with the right angle bracket or greater than sign (>).For Example, <HR width=40%> is an empty tag that put a horizontal line and width is the attribute which can extends the width of the line.

Container elements are used to manipulate, or control the contents place within them. Container begin with start tag and the closed by the end tag. For example, <B>document</B> is an container used to bold the text,first tag is the starting tag then comes the text and finally the ending tag. Ending tag is similar to starting tag the only difference is of backslash(/), ending tag must contain backslash which means that the tag is ended here.

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