Lesson 1:Creating an HTML Template

HTML document is a simple text file enclosed tags and text. Before starting progress in HTML following pre-requisites are required to work in HTML.

-Operating System

-Notepad or any other text editor for writing HTML.

– Browser for viewing the results of HTML

After fulfilling the requirement you can start you hands own on HTML. Working in HTML is pretty easy, just you need to keep in mind some basic rules and tags to work in a proper way. Lets starts with out first HTML document.


Open the notepad Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad



First tag in any HTML document is <HTML> it tells the browser that we are using HTML language. HTML is container enclosed all the tags and contents. HTML documents starts with <HTML> and end with </HTML> tag.



We have to work in between starting and ending HTML tags. Each document made up of two two parts head and body. Head part contain the title of the webpage and body contain all the contents as shown in the figure below.



Save the page with filename.htm, you can use any filename but the extension should be htm.



Now you can see the browser icon on desktop or in the location where you save the file.


Now you can see the result by double click on browser icon with the name of (filename.htm). But you are thinking that why head part is shown in the body area ( White area is body ) not on head area (top blue bar) don’t worry that will be explained in next tutorial for that we have to use another tag called title between starting and ending head tags.


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