Lesson 3: How to use Body tag in HTML Document

Body tag hold the major portion of contents in HTML documents, it handles all the appearance of web page. There are different tags used within the body tag pairs to render the web page. You need to learn how to use these tags at two different levels.

1.In creating eye catching pages that communicate the desired information to the reader.

2.in creating easy-to-read HTML documents that other web weavers can readily understand and,if necessary,easily modified.

The contents in the body portion of the document are unformatted, line break in the notepad does not mean it will displayed in the new line when you view the page in the browser. All the formatting between the body tags can be handled through other tags.

Let me show you the example.

My Webpage
Welcome to sooper tutorials!
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Save the page on desktop with the name filename of (body.htm) and double click on browser icon with the name of file.



As shown in the figure both the sentences are displayed on the same line although the formatting is different in notepad but browser can’t read the formatting of any text editor tags are required to change the formatting.

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