Lesson 4:How to use line break tag in HTML

As discussed in Lesson 3, contents in the body portion of html document are unformatted. In lesson 3 we applied line break from notepad but it does not work. This tutorial will teach you how to apply line breaks in html document.

<BR> is not the container tag its a single tag used for line break. <BR> is placed at the end of the line where you wish to break the line as show in the code below.

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Welcome to Sooper Tutorials!<BR>
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Let view the result of this code in Microsoft Internet explorer.


Multiple line break use is possible in html document by placing multiple <BR> tags at the end of line. Font size of the text displayed on the browser. Now you might be thinking how to differentiate the heading or any thing important mentioned in between the text. HTML have set of heading tags which is discussed in lesson 5.

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