Project Manager Skills

Project managers are the individual in the organization who owns the projects. Most of the times project sponsor transfer ownership to project manger. Project manager wear crown of king but higher the position higher the risk, PM is the person who wear many hats. To become good project manager require number of skills which includes general management, communication skills, technical skills, negotiation skills, behavioral skills and leadership skills.
Project manger always work under pressure on a complex project where decision making is quite difficulty and uncertainty level is on peak. Successful project mangers always understand needs, wants and demand of customer or client and transform their requirement into real outcome. In case customer expectation are too high PM negotiation skills take place to balance out the things.
All the requirements are gathered by project manager after coordination with customer. PM allocate resource to the project on the basis of project scope, develop teams and agree them on the time lines. Throughout the project PM use his leadership, communication skills, behavioral management skills and motivational skills to continue progress of the project without any delays.

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