What is Project Plan?

The word plan is commonly used in our daily life refers to anything which is decided in advance with the specified timelines in the form of time, day, month and year.
Lets take few common example to understand the meaning of Plan

•    I am planning to watch this movie on Sunday.
•    We are planning for the trip of USA in August.
•    Having meeting with client at 11:00 AM

Now lets discuss the term “Project” which refers to an entity associated with some objectives bound by time, resources and Quality.  Project varies in size and nature as a result the other constraints also changes.

Project Plan

The deliverable of project management in the form of document incorporates project objectives, pre-requisites, resources, timelines, efforts and activities. Better project plan are always divided into phases each made up multiple tasks and milestones.

Components of Project Plan

Following are the components of Project Plan

Project Objectives

What are the aims organization going to achieve from this project? e.g. Offer new features to the customer to increase sales.

Project pre-requisites

These are the project requirements can be for any phase of the project. The project phase or task can be only initiated after completion of the requirements.


Tasks in the plan are tied up with the timelines and resources. Single or multiple resources can be associated with the task, increasing the resources results in reducing the time for the specified task.


The start and end dates to complete each activity listed in the project plan. These timelines are provided by different teams involve in the project based on the resource availability.


The efforts in the plan can be taken in hours and man days. Project costing estimate is mainly dependent on this factor.


The project tasks in the plan are called the activities of the project. As mentioned earlier the project is divided into phases and each phase made up multiple activities.

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