What is Matrix Organizational Structure ?

The matrix organization structure tries to maintain the equilibrium between project manager and functional head. This form has essence of functional and projectized organization structure and emphasize to adopt the benefits of both structures. However, the benefits also comes with some limitations which could lead to demerits. When we say “Matrix” then it means team members are reporting to two bosses that are project manager and team head respectively.

Since it is always difficult to maintain the equilibrium, so we have to mention the other forms or type of Matrix organization.

Types of Matrix Organizational Structure

There are three type of this structure.

1. Strong Matrix
2.  Weak Matrix
3. Balanced Matrix

Strong Matrix

In strong matrix power lies with project manager however, team head have limited role.

Weak Matrix

Just opposite to strong matrix, in this form power lies with departmental head and project manager perform the role of project expeditor or coordinator.

Balanced Matrix

In this arrangement, the power is shared between project manager and departmental head.

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