Productive Meetings

Meeting is a common platform which allow two or more individuals to interact for discussing the pre-defined agenda. It’s good to have meetings whenever needed to bring all the stakeholder on-board for communicating important information or taking decisions.

The common question which comes in our mind is regarding the optimum frequency of meetings. Well, this million dollar question is hard to answer however, the rule of thumb is to engaged stakeholder for the meeting in following cases.

1.Communicating important information
2.Taking important decision with mutual agreement of all stakeholders
3.Status review meetings to update stakeholders regarding the latest progress
4.Steering committee meeting which provide control and guidance to a project
5.Stand-up meetings are of short duration and commonly used in agile methodology
6.kick-off meeting to initiate a project

As a experienced project manager, I would suggest to have less number of meetings to save time and cost. Higher the number of meetings result in less productivity, low interest of participants, increase cost and time. The meeting which covers entire agenda, involve participants, finished on time and generates action items would be considered as a successful meeting. As a true professional we should conduct or become part of the productive meetings.

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