Five Ways to Eliminate Resource Over-Allocation in MS Project

If you have noticed that your MS Project plan is showing more hours and cost of project resources then you need to verify the resource over-allocation via different options which will be discussed later. Even though, MS Project automatically highlight the activities on which the resources have been assigned more than allowed hours. For example, a resource can work for 8 hours in a day however, the project plan shows that resource is allocated for 18 hours on the same date which is obviously not logical. Sometimes Project Manager’s ignore the over-allocation of resources in their project plans, but they should understand that it will drastically increase the project schedule cost.

Following are the methods that could be used to fix the resource-over-allocation issues.

1.As per the MS office support Website, Project’s resource leveling feature can assist you by automatically delaying or splitting tasks so the resources assigned to them are no longer over-allocated.

2. Assign percentage to resources, for example if a resource performing ten tasks in a day then each task would take 10 percent of resource time. It is important to note that total resource allocation in a same date shouldn’t increase than 100% however, this condition could be ignored only if a resource is working beyond the office hours.

3. Use resource usage view and fix the over-allocation by reducing resource total number of hours.

4. Add more resources to project tasks which are taking more hours, it will reduce number of hours of over-allocated resources.

5. Increase the number of project man days, it will extend the project timelines but eliminate the resource over-allocation issue.

I believe that you will utilize the above mentioned method to reduce or eliminate the over-allocation while planning using MS Project.

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