Search Engine Operations

Following are the basic three operation of search engine.


The set of automated programs known as bots, agents or spiders to crawl the contents of web pages, documents by using the Hyperlink structure. There are billions of web pages available on the internet but still all are not crawled by the search engines.

Indexed documents

After performing the crawling operations now it’s time to keep the crawled contents in the repository. Search engines maintain a huge repository of documents called “Index” to store the content in an organized way. It need to tightly managed to entertain the user query by traversing the billions documents.

Processing Queries

Internet users search for millions of words or phrase each day in search engines. When the user submits his or her query it comes to the search engine where the documents are indexed for better match with the query and return backs the relevant search results.
Ranking results

Its for sure that lots of matches found for the query in the documents, now to decision to be made for priority to display the search results. Search engines uses complex algorithms to rank the results based on hundreds of unknown factors to find the most relevant results for the query.

The main objective of search engines is to provide relevant and better results to user’s queries. In order to do that search engines employed number of complex information or we can say developed a language which can speak to the Web sites, forums or blogs which can be understandable or spoken only if the Web Sites adopt the SEO techniques.

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