SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the set of techniques used to bring natural traffic on web sites through search engines. There is no hard and fast rules for SEO, people can follow basic set of SEO practices which take less time or go for in-depth SEO practices for extraordinary results in term of organic traffic.

SEO increases the visibility of Web sites content for search engine so crawlers, robots and bots can easily get the relevant content for storing it in the database document for indexing purpose. SEO optimization history is not too old but during that small span of time lot of changes has been made by search engine for the betterment of search results. The history of SEO highlights the changes made by the search engines for ranking the Web sites to produce better and relevant search results.

Search Engine Optimization Vs Search Engine Marketing

There is lot of confusion going on people minds on SEO and SEM terms that is the reason these terms are considered as Synonyms. Although the objectives of SEO and SEM are same to bring traffic but the activities are entirely different. SEO is practiced to increase reach and improve ranking of Web site stuff for search engines whereas SEM focus on promotion activities.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Following are some useful techniques which can be used to achieve fruitful results. SEO optimization requires patience and efforts, do not expect for better results overnight.

•    URL or Domain Name
•    Meta Tags
•    Topics, Original Contents and Keyword
•    Site Structure
•    Sitemap
•    Backlines
•    Submission
•    Reporting

The above mentioned techniques are required to improve the Web site ranking. Higher the rank of Web site more frequent the site appears in the top searches of search engine.

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