On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization can be done in two ways the first one is ON-PAGE SEO and other is OFF-PAGE SEO. On page SEO is the approach to use and organize the webpage items such as meta tags, hyperlinks,  sitemap, contents, Anchor text  and headings  in a way that search engine can easily find your website for crawling and indexing  purpose. On-Page SEO increase visibility of Websites to search engines for tracking updates and bring organic traffic to the Website.

Following are few tips for On-page SEO that can be used by webmasters to expose Website to the search engines.

•Unique contests are important to get attention of search engines. Say No to copying contents and rephrasing the contents available on Internet.

•Properly manage hyperlinks and make sure all the WebPages are linked.

•Break the lengthy articles into paragraph and try to incorporate headings because search engines love to see the test between heading tags.

•Bold and italics are also considered important for search engines it is considered as important and emphasized contents.

•Meta tags are must because it provides concise information of your Website to search engines. Meta keywords and description helps the search engines to recognize the themes of your Website easily.

•Use relative words in anchor text

•Assign relevant names to picture and also add the description in alt attribute.

•Avoid extensive use of JavaScript and flash it bury your important contents deeper which makes search engines spiders or agents crawling tasks difficult.

•Use only one version of home page.

•Minimum use of frames

•Say no to keyword stuffing because search engines considered it as spamming.

•Make files directory structure simple.

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